Do I need to purchase all the materials?

Not necessarily. If you are able to order materials online we can make arrangements to pick them up or you can have them delivered to you. We can also take care of all those details for you. Of course we will have our tools and basic materials with us in order to complete your project.

Do you charge by the hour or the project?

The rate will depend on what you need. We have set prices for certain things such as tv mounting and picture hanging. Certain things are charged by the hour due to the variety of things we do. If you have a big project that will take longer to finish we will give you an estimated quote for the entire project before we start.

How long will it take to finish my project?

Most projects can be done within a couple of hours. Depending on how big your project is it can be a few hours or a course of a few days.

How much do you charge for estimates?

Our estimates are free within the surrounding Austin area. If you live farther we charge a trip fee which can later be applied to your project payment if we decide to work together.

Do you do onsite estimates?

Yes we do, though we can still work with you if you’d rather send pictures the needed dimensions

Are you available for work outside of the Austin area?

Yes we are, our contractors travel north, south, east and west of Austin.